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Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Congratulations, you’ve decided to pop the question, now all you need to do is buy that all important engagement ring!  When it comes to significant purchases, an engagement ring is pretty high up there, so its not surprising that you might be feeling a little stressed making sure the ring is perfect. 

Don’t panic! Feeling confident is key to this, which is why Walsh Bros are here to help you.

Remember what’s important

When shopping for an engagement ring, remember you are buying the ring for your partner to wear, forever. 

Its not all about the technicalities, yes the 4 C’s as we call them are important, that’s the cut, the clarity, the colour and the carat weight, but we are here to talk you through those points. 

Most importantly at this stage it’s about getting the right ring for the right person.


Our best advice is to look at your partner’s existing jewellery for clues. Ask a few questions, do they want something traditional, something classic  – a solitaire ring perhaps, or maybe a three stone. Would they like a vintage ring?  

If you’re not sure, ask for advice.  We bet your partners best friend or sister will know exactly what sort of ring she’d like.  Swear them to secrecy and get them to help you out!

What colour metal?

Our advice here is to be lead by the colour that your partner prefers.  What colour metal do they wear – silver or yellow gold coloured?

We suggest that you invest in a gold or platinum set ring as they are the two hardest precious metals used in jewellery.

Platinum, silvery-white in colour, is the most durable.  Gold is a versatile choice and perfect for engagement rings, it’s also available in three different colours; white, yellow and red.

Don’t buy silver, it’s too soft and just won’t withstand the test of time.


How do you measure someone’s finger in secret?

It’s a tricky one but we suggest asking your partner’s friends to find out her ring size in secret. 

Or why not pop her jewellery into Walsh Bros to be cleaned and we can to get an approximate size of her finger?

That way you can also look at the engagement rings as well.  When you purchase an engagement ring we will be able to advise on whether it can be re-sized to fit, a service we offer with our complements.  See, it’s not that hard!


There are no ‘hard and fast’ rules as to what you should spend on an engagement ring, but we recommend you buy the best ring that you can afford.

Why? Because an engagement ring needs to last forever!  It is going to be worn all day, every day and will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear – so it’s worth buying quality that can withstand that.

Whatever your budget Walsh Bros will have the perfect ring for you.

Diamond or another stone

There is so much information out there about gemstones and diamonds, so to be honest, if you’re unsure what to do, your absolute best bet is a classic round solitaire, because it’s the sparkliest of all diamond shapes and looks stunning on any finger. 

She’s just going to love it.

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