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Footballers, Agents and Audemars Piguet Watches

What with it being transfer deadline day this week and the fact that you can’t escape the site of footballers wherever you look. I thought it appropriate to add to the melee and mention a recent encounter I had with one very famous footballer and his very smart (and expensive) watch.

Meeting Rio Ferdinand

I had the good fortune to meet a man who not once but twice commanded a British record transfer fee (a cool £18m and £30m respectively) at the London launch of his book. Just a week before his pre-season testimonial game. He very generously personalised and signed a copy of his book My Decade as a Red.

royal-oak.jpg As you might be able to make out, Ferdinand either forgot my name or found it more appropriate to refer to me by my profession writing, ‘To the Jeweller, Nice One! Rio’. Notice the correct British spelling of ‘jeweller’, either the derogatory rumours about footballers intelligence are untrue or this is a man that knows his away around a jewellery store. In truth, both are likely correct. In fact, Rio is a rather astute businessman and it is through his own sports agency that I came to meet the England international and one time worlds most expensive defender. A very good customer and friend of mine is an agent at New Era Global Sports Management, both Rio’s agency and company. He kindly extended the invite to me to attend the book signing.

Audemars Piguet

You might be thinking that the ‘nice one!’ reference is in relation to Walsh Bros providing Rio with a watch or two. We’ll never say never, but we haven’t sold to Rio just yet. Though he is certainly a man who knows a thing or two about fine watches. As was evidenced by his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. An iconic watch that breaks the mould by featuring a striking octagonal bezel. But also breaks the bank starting at well in excess of £20,000.

Getting the Look

But don’t fear, you needn’t have to be a superstar sportsman, performing keepy-uppies in the Bernabeau to earn the right to an eye catching watch. Pop in store at any given time and you’ll be sure to find a one-off watch or piece of vintage jewellery unavailable elsewhere that should do the trick. Or at least tide you over until United come knocking on the next deadline day.

We have something for everyone at Walsh Bros so please take a moment to look at our beautiful collections here.

Best wishes - Richard Burrow

Posted in Celebrities, Collections on Jun 17, 2018