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Introducing Lucy Quartermaine

Sterling Silver Jewellery from British Designer Lucy Quartermaine

Welcoming LucyQ Designs to Walsh Bros, where you can discover her collections of award-winning designer jewellery in highly-polished Sterling Silver. Innovative, unique and original, LucyQ's collections include necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings and cufflinks. Handcrafted in solid silver, which represent the 'Best of the Best' of British jewellery design.

"Playful and with a sense of humour, she believes jewellery can be fun as well as beautiful. she has incorporated in her collections everything from dramatic statement necklaces to more delicate bracelets and earrings. Many of her customers become 'LucyQ collectors' starting with one piece and eventually acquiring a whole set. we hope you'll enjoy her designs too."

Lucy Quartermaine

Lucy is an award-winning young, English contemporary designer and silversmith. Based in Chester, Lucy was named a ‘Trendsetter’ at this year’s Professional Jeweller Hot100, as well as being nominated a finalist for the prestigious ‘Designer of the Year’ at the 2013 UK Jewellery Awards.

Lucy designed her first collection at the age of 18 for her 'A' levels, which received top marks. She went on to study metalwork and jewellery design at Sheffield Hallam University, winning an award for her work in Pewter. After university, Lucy gained hands-on experience working with a silversmith, before starting LucyQ Designs in 2004.

Original & Fun

LucyQ is known for her innovative, playful yet timelessly beautiful pieces in highly-polished Sterling Silver. With a touch of humour, Lucy finds inspiration all around her and her work is often typically British. Water and everyday objects - jigsaw puzzle pieces, buttons, umbrellas - are frequent motifs, creating sculptural eye-catching design that reflect the simplicity and fluid beauty of Sterling Silver.

There are some celebrities that have also fallen in love with her designs, they include Claire Balding and Sophie Anderton.

Best wishes - Alexia Taylor

Posted in Collections, LucyQ, Modern on Nov 20, 2016