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Special Edition Swatches

Over the past 10 years we've amounted a fair sized collection of special edition Swatches here at Walsh Bros.

As each new collection of Swatches is ordered in, a new special edition watch comes with it. We now have a range of over 30 special editions that have become part of my personal collection.

You can try and fight me for them but they're not for sale.

Swatch - A History

Swatch-GB750-red-sunday-fat.jpg Swatch Red-Sunday Fat As far as wristwatches go, Swatch are something of a young brand. They celebrated their 30th birthday this year actually. It's impressive that in such a relatively short period of time they have built up an extremely strong reputation. There's not many 30 year olds who can boast the worldwide popularity and lasting appeal of a Swatch watch. And if they can now, it won't last forever. Whereas the mark of a strong watch brand is to remain consistently desirable.

Most of you will know the Swatch headquarters are in Switzerland, what you may not be aware of is that the launch of the Swatch brand was largely responsible for restoring Switzerland as a major player in the world wristwatch market.

The Re-Birth of the Analog Watch

Don't tell anyone but I'm old enough to remember when digital watches were all the rage, the new bit of must have tech, much like the smart phones and tablet PCs of today. During the 60's and 70's Japanese watch makers Seiko and Citizen started to dominate the mid-level watch market and the digital revolution came shortly after. Swatch' mission was to re-popularize the analog watch and at the same time create a strong brand that wouldn't be easily matched by their competitors.

Through savvy marketing and quality watch design they recaptured a major market share and have grown to own a prominent position in the watch market as a premium producer of affordable wristwatches.

Buying Swatch Watches in Tunbridge Wells

Walsh Bros is a registered seller of Swatch watches. If owning a Swatch, or indeed starting your own collection, is something you'd like to consider pop in store and I or one of the team will show you our collection for a bit of inspiration.

Best wishes - Richard Burrow

Posted in Featured, Modern on Sep 10, 2018