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A Love Story Celebrated With Sentimentality: Chloe and Alex

Meet Chloe and Alex, an adventurous duo. Chloe, an education publisher specialising in the Caribbean, she adores what she does, it’s incredibly rewarding and she’s travelled to some amazing places, but she says it’s nowhere near as glamorous as it sounds! Alex, a VFX artist for film and TV, has worked on some very cool projects, like James Bond, and some not-so-cool ones (I am sure we would still be impressed!)

Their story began at university down in Cornwall, Chloe was at Exeter and Alex was at Falmouth which both shared the same campus. They didn’t know each other particularly well but became close after they graduated and both moved to London, their friendship blossomed and they eventually got together as a result of Alex asking Chloe for advice on how to ask out a friend… despite a lot of people saying it was so obvious her, Chloe somehow had no idea Alex was talking about her until he followed her advice all of 30 seconds later.

The Proposal – the unique engagement ring.

Alex is the first to admit he knows absolutely nothing about jewellery, but he did know that Chloe did not want a traditional diamond ring. She loves colour and is very sentimental, so Alex went in search of a ruby ring to match a ruby bracelet that Chloe inherited from her Grandma.

We were intrigued when Alex said he had asked Chloe a very important question “would you prefer a bigger, lower quality stone or a smaller, higher quality stone?” we were asking this all round the shop when we heard it.

Chloe chose quality, rightly so!

On his search, Alex went into every single jeweller in Tunbridge Wells – some multiple times! Ultimately he chose Walsh Bros because of Alexia, who taught him what to look for in a ruby and how to look for the signs of good quality. He never felt pressured into purchasing, but that Alexia was genuinely trying to help him even if he took that knowledge elsewhere. There were a couple of other ruby rings around that he was tempted by, but Alexia made him feel like if he chose one from Walsh Bros, he would definitely be getting a good quality one. We are pleased to say that Chloe loved it!

Choosing their wedding rings.

Chloe and Alex went back to Walsh Bros. Chloe struggled to find anything she liked. Her engagement ring is low set, with an oval ruby and a diamond cluster surround. She didn’t want anything too modern. She didn’t like the curved or v-shaped plain bands, but she found anything with more diamonds or rubies distracted from her engagement ring. Alexia sent Chloe away with some homework, she printed out a large high resolution photo of the engagement ring and told Chloe to draw out different ideas to try to hone in on a shape or style she was preferring.

The whole family got involved with this! Eventually, it became clear that Chloe was favouring a ‘wine glass’ shape which reminded her mum of an old wishbone ring that she had. The wishbone ring was from the 1940s and had been originally made for luck. Chloe took the wishbone in to Alexia and asked if it could be widened to fit around her engagement ring… and it could! It’s the most beautiful, unique pairing to her engagement ring.

More special pieces for the BIG DAY!

After being so impressed with Alexia, Chloe returned this time with her Grandma’s ruby bracelet which had been too big for her, so two rubies were taken out. She also had a ring of her Grandma’s, also too big, where one diamond had been taken out. Chloe had always wanted to use these stones to create a new piece, but they were different sizes and she couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Knowing Chloe loved vintage pieces, Alexia showed her Edwardian negligee necklaces and drew out how they could make something similar for her that would also match the setting style used on the bracelet. Chloe loved the idea instantly, but Alexia insisted she go away and think about it given how sentimental these pieces were.

Chloe decided to go ahead and Walsh Bros even made sure the necklace was ready in time for the wedding day!

The Wedding Day

They got married on Carbis Bay beach in Cornwall. The weather was hit and miss, with sun and showers all morning, but they decided to risk it and the sun shone for the outdoor ceremony.

It was an intimate guest list, with immediate family, closest friends, and three dogs of honour! Chloe’s oldest friend officiated, making the ceremony incredibly special.

Celebrations continues with a beer pong tournament, and being serenaded by two of their best friends for the first dance, and ended with  some guests including Alex charging into the sea!

“It was unusual, slightly chaotic, filled with love and laughter, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Post-Wedding, things feel exactly the same! Which we think means we chose the right person.” Chloe

The Future

They are keenly getting stuck into their DIY projects at home, saving up for after our honeymoon, looking forward to what the future holds and making sure it’s filled with fun!

In the words of Chloe and Alex, Walsh Bros is “warm-hearted and wonderful,” a sentiment echoed by their heartfelt gratitude to Alexia for her support and expertise throughout their journey.

We would like to say how special it is to be involved in the biggest days of people’s lives and with a couple as lovely as Chloe and Alex it makes it even more rewarding.

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Wedding photography by Abi Riley – Wedding Photographer Cornwall & Devon


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